Commercial rooftop unit services

Most business buildings use commercial rooftop HVAC systems for heating and cooling. These machines need frequent, appropriate maintenance as well as minor repairs to ensure their longevity and high level of performance. Maintaining the proper functioning of your commercial heating and cooling system is ensured when you work with an experienced HVAC company like Heating Repair Manassas.

For all of our clients’ heating and cooling requirements, Heating Repair Manassas is dedicated to provide top-notch products and services. Additionally, there are rooftop dual fuel systems that use heat pumps with gas backup heating. Furthermore, all makes and models of rooftop air conditioners are serviced by Heating Repair Manassas, which also provides emergency and routine maintenance services.

Commercial Rooftop Unit Services

Common Problems with Rooftop Unit HVAC system

Reliability and effectiveness are trademarks of Heating Repair Manassas’s commercial HVAC systems. However, because of their placement, rooftop unitscan be challenging to inspect and are susceptible to weather damage. Additionally, some HVAC systems lose reliability with time, which can be problematic for company owners. Poor indoor air quality, unexpectedly high utility bills, a non-functioning system, and a lack of hot or cold air coming from the vents are the most frequent issues with commercial rooftop HVAC units.

Repair and Installation of Rooftop Unit

Selecting a reputable provider to install a new rooftop unit is the most crucial stage in the process. Our team of professionals can ensure that the system is precisely the right size for your commercial heating and cooling requirements because we are aware that oversized systems are often the cause of premature system failure. We’ll make sure everything is installed safely, and we’ll try our best to keep everyone on your property comfortable while we work on it. 

The advantages of commercial rooftop HVAC systems for company owners are numerous. Compared to other commercial HVAC systems, the quiet single-system heating and cooling units are less prone to user mistake due to their dependability, simplicity of installation, low maintenance requirements, and difficulty of access. Regrettably, occasional malfunctions occur in even the most efficient air conditioning units.

In Manassas Heating Repair Manassas provide business rooftop system maintenance, repair, and installation services. We are capable of troubleshooting and fixing almost any issue you may be having with your commercial unit. If Heating Repair Manassas is unable to resolve the problem, we can suggest, provide, and install a brand-new rooftop HVAC system for your business.

Our Rooftop Unit Services

  • Air filter inspection and replacement as needed.
  • Inspect the blower wheel housing for dirt, sticks, leaves, dead animals etc…
  • Inspect all belts, pulleys, bearings, and lubricate as required.
  • Replace all blower belt drives annually.
  • Inspect and empty drain pans and condensate drain lines as required.
  • Inspect the economizer annually. This includes the actuator, dampers, and temp sensors.
  • Inspect and verify all electrical connections.
  • Check for voltage imbalances. This is critical for the proper operation of motors in a 3-phase system.
  • Inspect gas burners, igniter, and combustion section (gas fed heating)
  • Overall operational checks and periodic calibration.