AC Coil Cleaning Services

Heating Repair Manassas is aware that your air conditioning system may not be cooling as well as it may be due to clogged coils, low refrigerant levels, and worn-out compressors or condensers. Here we come to provide our services of ac coil cleaning

Higher energy costs are the result of an inefficient system. It also puts undue strain on the compressor and may decrease its lifespan. With our expert HVAC coil cleaning service, we can assist you in resolving these problems that you usually encounter on a regular basis and help you enhance your overall operating efficiency.

Clean Coils to Improve the Efficiency

The evaporator coil and the condenser coil are the two coils found in air conditioning systems. Heat removal is made possible via coils, which are heat transfer devices. For these coils to work effectively and give you the relaxation you expect, they must be kept clean. Maintaining clean coils will extend their lifespan, save operating costs, and enhance indoor air quality. This is highly recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy.

The evaporator coil is situated below of the furnace within the building’s ducting. This would typically mean inside the plenum, which is the first few feet of the primary supply air duct. It is directly above the furnace in most homes. A pair of metal lines with refrigerant that travel through tiny holes in one of the house’s walls connect the condenser coil, which is outside the structure, to the evaporator coil within.

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Condenser Coil Cleaning

Heat is transferred to refrigerant flowing through evaporator coil by blowing warm air from inside a home through it. After being heated, the refrigerant is pumped outdoors to the condenser coil. where the majority of its heat load is dispersed into the surrounding air.

A number of elements affect the system’s effectiveness, but the coils’ cleanliness is one of the most crucial ones. The house’s evaporator coilefficiently absorbs heat from heated interior air when it is kept clean. Heat is effectively dispersed into the outside air via a clean condenser coil outside the home. Both of these coils lose a great deal of their efficiency and air flow across them. If they are unclean and partially obstructed by layers of mold, mildew, or dust.

 The system must operate longer in these circumstances in order to provide the necessary cooling impact within the home. It tends to require maintenance or replacementsooner and runs longer, costing more money. The US Department of Energy and air conditioning equipment makers advise cleaning the coils at least once a year to prevent this expensive inefficiency.

Eveporator Coil Cleaning

A lot of people by mistake believe that the coils are cleaned during the annual maintenance visit since they have service contracts with their heating and conditioning contractor. Rarely is this the case, Ask immediately if you are unsure. If your coils are cleaned every year. It would be irresponsible to leave this to chance.

It is strongly advised by Heating Repair Manassasto clean your evaporator coil and air ducts at the same time. Coil cleaning comes in two flavors: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. These two forms of cleaning are referred to as Type 1 (dry) and Type 2 (wet) by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) in their published, public ACR Standard (Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems). When a coil becomes so unclean that a Type 1 cleaning is unable to bring it back to a satisfactory level of performance, a Type 2 cleaning is necessary.

The coil is air-washed to perform dry cleaning. This indicates that affected material is released and removed from the coil fins by a professional using brushes and/or a compressed air stream. A strong vacuum is also required to gather the material when it is released if the coil is indoors.
Wet cleanings breakdown and rinse affected material that is difficult to remove with dry cleaning techniques alone. They do this by using a biodegradable detergent or enzyme cleanser.

Every outdoor condenser coil cleaning is a wet process that can only be carried out in the presence of 50ยบ Fahrenheit outside.